Getting Started in Portrait Photography

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Do you want to master Portrait Photography ?

Well first off let's take a look at a few types of portraits.

Do you know how these were taken? What was used? Stop reading here and go post in the comments what you believe was used. Good LUCK!

Let's see what was used to take these photos now.


These create a full effect and are normally on camera left, but could be used in many places to fill in your shadows. Anytime if what foam board or poly board will do. Most will go to Amazon and buy a 5 in 1 link here.... These come with a skrim which is the white part, normally completely naked of the sleeves. The gold side is for a warmer effect, while the silver bends the light and causes a more brighter sleek look. You would also have a black for cutting or stopping the light. This is used in many ways to create countless effects. Here is a video showing a few.

Key Light

The key light is considered your brightest light. This is normally seen on camera right. Looking above at the last two images you can tell it's on camera right. The second image has no reflector while the first and third does.

Rim Light

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